About Us

webcraft_ipadmini2The company was set up over twenty years ago, in June 1996. Back then it was 56K dial-up modems, and it was all about low-res graphics and keeping load times down to a minimum. Google  didn’t even  exist. Very few businesses had websites and no-one knew much about it. Being able to edit your own website was strictly for geeks and programmers.

Web design – or web development as it is now usually referred to – is a different business today. A myriad of  companies are offering sleek content-managed packages at very reasonable prices, while the DIY option gets steadily easier. Sites have to look good on everything from smart TVs to mobile phones, and the internet is taking over from the high street as our favourite shopping venue.

So why Webcraft? Simply, there is no substitute for experience. We have seen all this develop, we know what is really going on under the hood of a modern site, we understand security issues, we can troubleshoot and above all we understand the value of responsive support.

Webcraft has clients who have been with us for a decade and a half, trusting us to keep them where they need to be in Google, to support them with technical issues and to implement new technologies for them when they appear.

It’s all about the client. For our clients – and their clients – it will always be ‘Surfing made Simple’