What our clients say about us

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Excellent personal service and good advice re hosting and creating a site.


Simon Kleyn    (Simon Kleyn Opticians)


Website looking great – just got in and sitting reading it.

Many many thanks for your care and efforts with this.

Paul Taylor   (Solstice Sailing)


Nick at Webcraft has designed a professional looking website which together with imaginative design skills has exceeded my hopes and expectations. The service was provided within a very satisfactory timescale and Nick has been smartly on hand with updates and improvements as the website has gone live.
In short the website does its job splendidly – showcasing my business to prospective clients in an attractive and engaging manner enabling me to compete in todays digital world. I am pleased to recommend Webcraft.

Roger Barrett   (Drone Angel Imaging)

Nick Bowles of Webcraft redesigned our website so it is compatible from all devices. It is easy to find your way around and readily fulfills its purpose. If there are any changes to be made throughout the season Nick is always fast and efficient to make corrections at any time. I would never think of looking anywhere else for web advice.

Mary Norris   (West Highland Sailing)

Webcraft recently re-designed and updated our website, giving it a more attractive, modern look and substantially improving the Google rankings. The cost was very reasonable for the amount of work undertaken, and we’re very happy with the outcome.

Kathy Ader   (Northern Ecological Services)


I have been working with Nick for eighteen years now. Webcraft UK have created web sites for a variety of enterprises in that time, and all of them have proved a very cost-effective way of attracting new business and providing customers with information. Requests for additions and new features are actioned promptly and communication is very good. It is almost like having your own in-house web design department.

Jon Peck  (Wheeliebox)


This is the second website that Nick at Webcraft has designed and hosted for us….that is testimony in itself! The knowledgeable and professional service offered from the start of the project to the website going live and the aftercare has been fantastic. We would highly recommend Webcraft.

Helen Jackson   (Etive Boat Trips)


A lot of work was necessary to redesign our previous site. All our thoughts and requests were taken into account with frequent contact to show how it was progressing. Once they realised how little we knew of the processes, we were guided through the various procedures and were able to operate an interactive site throughout our recent annual event. On-going support has been readily available when we had difficulties (mostly self-inflicted). We are delighted with the outcome.

Julia Heap   (West Highland Sailing Week)

Kold KroniclesI have been a client of Webcraft for about 19 years now. There’s a good reason for this, quality of the work, quality of the customer service; quality of support. 

There has been more than one occasion when I have called on Webcraft at short notice to change a format, or update something. The response? Immediate. 

I also recommend Webraft to others looking for a quality service. They have been equally complimentary. That says it all, doesn’t it? 

JJ Mitchell   (Kold Kronicles)


Webcraft UK have built and managed my old site and now my new mobile friendly site. They have done an exemplary job on both, helping my business maintain a high page ranking and bringing a steady flow of new customers. I could not recommend them highly enough..

Kyle Davis   (K & S Treecare)


Nick designed and created a business website for me. I left him to use his extensive experience for the finer points of the design. The site created is professional and stylish and I am very pleased with it. During the process Nick was very clear about what type of pictures, text etc was required and once received he created it ahead of schedule. I am very pleased with the service he provided, especially at the price, and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Paul Booth   (Paradise Found)


The website Webcraft designed and created for Leith Nautical has been a great success. Good looking and fully functional. Nick has been very supportive in his dealings with the digitally challenged: he has helped us make the right choices for our business. As Nick’s tag line says, “surfing made simple”. Thanks Nick

Paul  (Leith Nautical)


We have been delighted with the service provided by Webcraft. Our previous home-made site was starting to look very amateurish, and we were keen for it to be given a complete makeover. Nick was really quick to appreciate the messages we wanted our site to project, and he also did a very quick and efficient job producing our new site.

David Hoult  (Burnbank Cottage, Isle of Jura)

The website was designed and created for us within a week. We are very pleased with the end result and we’re delighted with the ease of use. Everything was sorted out over the phone and by email and Nick is always there to help us out if we have any queries.

Denise Boyne  (Aberdeen Clutterbusters)


Hi Nick, the website is looking much better thanks, we are very happy with the work that you have done – it was looking a bit dated ! The new pictures are great.

Simon Davies  (The Barn self catering, Uist)


Just wanted to thank you for the website – the feedback I have had so far has been really good and although I realised you had registered a brilliant URL for me I was still amazed to see it come up as 2nd, 3rd and 4th in searches for horse massage in Scotland and variations on the theme. You were so quick to “get” what I wanted from the site and produce something which looks good and will appeal to the people I want to reach. I had some ideas of what I wanted when I contacted you. I was impressed by how quickly you grasped the concepts and the important points about the business, and how quickly you were able to mock up a starting point from our conversations and a few photos I sent you. Your understanding of promoting business on the web was also a real bonus.

Debbie Joy  (Equine Massage Scotland)

5.0 out of 5 The website was designed and created for us in record time, and we’re delighted with both its appearance and its ease of use. We were given most useful start-up instruction, with helpful back-up assistance when necessary. Thank you Webcraft

Jenifer Smith  (Easdale People)


I am (Jan 2010) reviewing the cottage web presence starting with our own website. We are very happy with it and last year the website accounted for 31% of bookings, and I am sure influenced the decision of many more who clicked on to it from other websites. The forward bookings for 2010 are the healthiest they have ever been at this point, not bad given the website was only live since May!

Chris & Helen Jackson  (Stonehill Cottage)

Connect NDT Limited is delighted with the cost effective service offered by Webcraft UK since our introduction in 2001. The design of the site and all the interface script for employee and client access behind the scenes would not have been possible without the technical know-how offered by Nick Bowles and his team. Corporate web presence is an essential tool in client/customer confidence especially for the fledgling entrepreneur as perception is everything. Our company has been constantly evolving, taking advantage of international markets and Webcraft have kept up with our demands every step of the way.

Les Veitch  (Connect NDT Ltd)

Our Webcraft designed web site has been a great success. We have quickly let our cottage from enquiries from the site alone. The site is user friendly and is readily updated by Webcraft when any changes need to be made. We have recommended Webcraft to others who are looking to set up a website .

Douglas Curley  (The Haven)


The website designed by Webcraft is very good. I found the company very professional and efficient. They were creative in their approach and really took the time to designing the site to suit my needs. As a Visual Artist, this is critical. The layout is contemporary, stylish and easy to use. I also found it working very fast, no problems with displaying images/ photos.

Elaine Woo Macgregor  (ElaineWooMacgregor.com)

We have been working with Nick for over two years now and the service can only be described as fantastic. The initial set up was hassle free and during the initial consultation Nick’s knowledge certainly expanded our expectations on what the site would deliver and the end result was superb. Any ongoing change requests have been dealt with quickly and efficiently: two years later the site continues to drive customers to our business

Jim Ellis  (Holiday Seil)

Overjoyed! The cost, the website development and the personal service have been brilliant. Webcraft and Nick in particular have provided us with a website that is unique in comparison with other sites. This has given us a direct link between our site and the people it represents, even down to its mood, if one can such a thing. The package received also allows us to maintain the site bringing relevance and up to date information to everyone who comes across us. Personally I’d be more than willing to recommend Webcraft to anyone, individual, charity or corporate business, we’re more than happy as you’ll have gathered!

Stuart Davidson  (St. Marks Parish Church, Stirling)

Five years ago Webcraft set up my underwater photography website and since then the number of people hitting this site has been phenomenal, which in turn has put my name on the photography map. The system allows me complete control over the content of my Gallery, and any occasional problems or requests for support have been dealt with rapidly and professionally.

Dick Cook   (Wetfoot)