Where we work

whereWe work from a remote rural location in Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland – and aren’t we lucky?

What implications does this have for you, the client? Should you be worried about working with a company that may be distant geographically, where a face to face meeting to discuss your project may not be viable?

The most obvious benefit will become apparent as soon as you receive our quotation for your project. Our location and business style means we have very low overheads – no large corporate headquarters, no big advertising budget, no corporate junkets or first class business travel.

This is why we can bill you at a nominal £35 per hour for the sort of service you would pay £70 per hour or more for in an urban location. That has to make good business sense.

Yes, that all makes perfect sense I hear you say – but how will we convey our needs and wishes to you without face to face contact? Don’t worry. It really isn’t necessary in 95% of projects.

If we weren’t good communicators we wouldn’t be in this business and, let’s face it, if we can’t communicate with you successfully via the internet and the telephone then we aren’t likely to create a compelling website that communicates effectively with your market either.

We have been serving clients throughout Scotland and the UK and as far away as Norway and Spain for over eighteen years now, and our low churn rate and high level of customer satisfaction speak for themselves.

Our good fortune in where we live and work is your good fortune as well, reflected in the surprisingly low price you pay.