Company history

abcr_htc1995 – 1999

The business was started in Aberdeenshire in 1995 to realise the potential of the web for rural craft businesses in Scotland. In 1996 we branched out to offer web design for any small or medium sized business and registered a limited company to protect the brand.

In 1995 the web was brand new and the lack of product knowledge in our target market meant we were frequently competing against opportunists with a good sales pitch but no technical knowledge or background. We focussed on developing a reputation as a trustworthy company that got results; clients found that they could talk to us, and that we could explain complex technical issues in a way they could understand and relate to their business.

2000 – 2003

By the time the new millennium arrived clients’ knowledge and expectations had grown and they were demanding more web performance for their money. We developed our skills with the popular PHP programming language and MySQL databases so we could offer features such as bulletin boards, photo galleries and e-commerce. The range of industry sectors we dealt with broadened as awareness of the web as the most cost-effective marketing tool ever spread.

2004 – 2008

In mid-2003 the rapid spread of broadband across the UK enabled us to move the business to its current location in rural Argyll. The almost universal availability of broadband meant we we increasingly developed graphically rich sites, often with the inclusion of video elements or in-page photo galleries. With well over 100 million domains registered worldwide good search engine performance becomes increasingly critical, so we had to ensure this was an area we consistently delivered in.

2008 – 2012

More people want more control over their website.
After years of unsatisfactory content management systems that fail to deliver on their early promise, WordPress finally comes of age. We begin to specialise in this CMS and gradually drop the others. Bespoke websites remain the core of our business however, with customer service and affordable performance our main selling points.

2013 – 2015

The internet goes mobile and customers insist their sites look good on mobile devices. We begin the process of transitioning almost 100% to WordPress, with many existing customers asking us to convert their existing sites to responsive, mobile-friendly designs.

We have operated through nearly twenty years of the web’s flowering and transformation. We are ready for the next twenty.