Get an expert

expert_iphoneThe web design business is an amateur’s paradise. Start-up costs are very low, cheap ‘web design software’ abounds and anyone can call themselves a web designer. Furthermore, there is a perception that ‘anyone can do it’ and that it is just a question of learning to use a new programme.

The results are out there for all to see – ugly, poorly designed and hard to navigate sites that break in some browsers, that do not get any visitors and that do not show up in Google. You are doing your business no favours if you employ an amateur.

The other option is to do it yourself. Local enterprise companies such as Business Gateway offer one-day courses that will turn you into a web guru. They won’t.

Web design is not your core business. Did you build your own computers? Do you deliver your own mail? No, of course you don’t – so why tie up valuable resources and time designing and publishing your own web site only to be disappointed with the result?

Your time is more valuable than that.

The web has been around commercially for about twenty years now. We have been developing commercial websites for eighteen of those years. We understand the underlying concepts and the speed of change. We are not restricted by the limitations of any software we use, and we are up to speed with current developments in display technology, browser software, operating systems and web standards.

We know all this so you don’t have to worry.

For most small businesses a Webcraft-created web site will repay its cost in the first four months to a year, and will show your existing clients that you are serious about business. That has to be money well spent.

Your website is your business card, your resumé, your company’s reputation.  Make sure you put it in professional hands.