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Hard times mean your website is vital

Our local paper when we lived and worked in rural Aberdeenshire  used to carry a strapline for its advertising department which read: “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”.  Today we can say that they were both right – and wrong.

With more competition and reduced markets most businesses realise that advertising is more important than ever – but savings have to be made somewhere.  A dilemma? Not really.  It is time to make a bigger commitment to the web and reduce or eliminate your spend on print advertising.

Why? Well, for a start print advertising is becoming less effective as many magazines experience falling circulation. Most consumers are going to stop buying magazines and newspapers long before they lose their internet connection. In fact, broadband connections in the UK are at an all-time high.

Secondly, a professionally designed website can be fantastic value for money, the best bang you can get for your advertising buck by a long way. In many sectors the net is the FIRST place people look for information and price comparison, and provided your web designer has made a good job of optimising your site for the search engines you can be right up there near the top of Google with much bigger competitors. And of course new social media sucha s  Twitter and Facebook offer easy, free publicity and traffic via direct links to your website.

Thirdly, even if you intend to carry on with print advertising a good website can reduce your budget. All you need to do is attract attention with a catchy one-liner then follow it with your web address. If you distribute printed material – brochures, leaflets etc – then including these in PDF format on your website can create big savings.  So – your website should be the last place you are thinking of cutting back.

A well-designed and promoted website  will help you beat the ongoing ecnomic gloom by increasing your ROI for your marketing budget while increasing brand awareness and market share. You know it makes sense!