Praise for BackupBuddy

We integrate the premium plugin Backup Buddy in all our WordPress sites. WP is a complicated beast, and it is not unheard of for things to stop working after an update. Sometimes plugins don’t play nicely together when a new version is added, and on the odd occasion the whole site may stop working.

Backup Buddy allows us to:

  • Schedule backups to suit the individual client
  • Manage server migrations easily and smoothly
  • Move sites from a development environment to their new home
  • Reverse updates individually on a plugin by plugin basis if required
  • Deal quickly and efficiently  with disaster recovery should it ever be necessary

Here’s an example . . . .a recent update to a Facebook Feed plugin one of our clients was using stopped working when used in the sidebar. Using Backup Buddy’s file restore facility it was a matter of two or three minutes  to restore the  previous version of the plugin and get everything working again, something that might have taken ages to do manually. This premium plugin and the convenience and safety it offers is part of every Webcraft WP package.

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